Who We Are

Not Just Another Mission Statement

I am a simple woman.  I live out in the mountains.

I get up in the morning and hear my rooster crow, during the day I see red-headed woodpeckers in my trees, and at dusk when I look out into my yard I will probably see a deer or two or five.  I could tell you that our mission is to raise money to help women going through breast cancer and that is true.  I could use words such as empowerment, survival, and powerful; also true.  I could say the phrase “We are an organization formed to end breast cancer!”; since I don’t have a research degree and I am not a genius that one probably isn’t as true.

Do I pray to God to help those in their fight – yes.

Three words changed my life forever, “you have cancer”

I am a simple woman.  I love to walk outside near the mountains whether it is when the sun is beating down on my face or when it is a drizzly day and you can see the clouds just sitting there on the mountain blocking the top. Walk4Mountains is here for women like me.  To give some peace and comfort knowing that simple women make it to the other side although forever changed – better than you were before.

So, to all the simple women and their loved ones that get them through…

Do you want to go for a walk in the mountains?