In Memoriam

Kim Castellano

My dear walkers and runners,

Recently, we were informed of a fallen Warrior right here at home.  Joanne reached out to us and asked if we could pass out ribbons in memory of her friend Kim Castellano. Walk 4 Mountains is honored to wear Kim’s ribbon with us on our journey on Saturday.  Please join us and pin one of these special ribbons on your shirt to remember one of our fallen, but surely not forgotten.  Our prayers go out to Kim’s family and friends. May God bless you and give you strength every day to enjoy the wonderful memories she gave to you in her life.

A note from her friend Joanne:
These ribbons were made with love by the Woodgrove High School Freshman Volleyball team and the special education classes at Woodgrove and Valley High Schools to remember Kim Castellano who we lost to breast cancer on January 28, 2018.

Kim was a perfect wife to Mike (his words) and an amazing mother to Ben and Riley. Kim was one of the kindest, funniest, happiest people anyone could ever hope to know.  She was always full of life and love and laughter.  She lit up every room she entered and never left without giving everyone in it a hug.

Friends and family that knew her well referred to her as a warrior as through three battles with breast cancer she never lost her hope or her will to fight.   And they know that today she will be smiling down on everyone walking, giving them that little push they need to cross the finish line.

breast cancer ribbons

Susan Yates Mills

smiling woman


Susan Mills, a retired Loudoun County teacher and administrator, left her mark in many ways in Loudoun County. After a successful career in the public school system and after surviving breast cancer, she became an avid and passionate volunteer to help others. She helped establish the Loudoun Breast Health Network in 2007. She spent the last fourteen years raising funds to help breast cancer survivors who needed financial assistance. She served as both president and secretary of the organization and recruited many to join the group including high school groups who helped with the fundraising efforts. Her desire to help others continues through the organization with its mission to assist residents diagnosed with breast cancer through outreach and support.