Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Walk 4 Mountains – A Walk for Breast Cancer starting and ending?2022-10-07T13:42:59-04:00

At “The Green” in Lovettsville. Walker Pavilion will be at the center of the event! 11 Spring Farm Rd, Lovettsville, VA. That’s right folks – it is a big 5-mile circle (sorta). See the map.

What are we having to eat?2021-08-05T11:30:45-04:00

This is a very important question…

Dunkin’ Donuts at opening ceremony – starts at 10 am
Magnolia’s at the Mill – mmmmmmmmmmm
Moo Thru Ice Cream – Hillsboro – mmmmmmmmm

I LOVE food 🙂

Is there a walk this year?2021-08-05T11:31:31-04:00

HECK YES! with OPTIONS. Option 1 – it is 0.5 miles around the green. Which means if you want to do the 10 mile walk you need to walk around the block 20 times. The good news is you will have LIVE MUSIC to listen to and plenty of folks cheering you on at every step of the way! OR Option 2 – 5-mile route (TWICE FOR 10) You are my HARD CORE Walkers and Warriors! YES!

Is there going to be wine?2022-08-26T17:18:26-04:00

YES!!!! Endhardt Vineyards has joined W4M!  They are bringing their featured wines for us to enjoy on the Green this year! Reds, Whites, and of course a FEATURED ROSE!  Visit their website at https://www.endhardtvineyards.com!

How do I become a sponsor as a business?2021-08-05T11:33:23-04:00

Sponsors – aka businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor our walk/run event in general. Please go to the “Support Us” tab. You can Donate (as ANYONE can donate) there. Anyone who donates through Pay Pal will receive an email and we will contact you directly about your level of sponsorship. Download the Media Kit under the “Support Us” page for more details. For our Platinum and Gold Sponsors – please include a pdf of your logo for the back of our T-shirts.

How can I contribute?2021-08-05T11:34:10-04:00

Spread the word on social media! Our Twitter feed is @walk4mountains, our Facebook page is here.
Donate at https://www.walk4mountains.org/shop
Sponsor the event here. You can become an event sponsor at Bronze ($100), Silver ($250), Gold ($500), or Platinum ($500) levels.
Make an individual donation here.

How do I donate to a specific walker/runner/team member or just donate?2021-08-05T11:35:34-04:00

For those donating to a specific walker/runner/team – go to the “Support Us” tab, then to “Sponsor” page and you can select a Pink Ribbon amount there.

Where is the money going?2021-08-05T11:37:03-04:00

All (100%) profits will be divided between three local groups; Step Sisters, Loudoun Breast Health Network, and Our Perfect Warrior. All of which are wonderful local organizations that support those in the thick of treatment. They help pay bills, take care of children, yard work, house cleaning, rides to chemotherapy – things that do not take care of themselves when you are sick.

https://www.lbhn.org/ and http://www.stepsisters.org/ and https://ourperfectwarrior.org/

What if I’m unable to walk the whole way?2021-08-05T11:37:52-04:00

Our goal is to get the money raised to the people that need it – we don’t care how far you go! (You know we never have!) We are just proud of you for getting up so early in the morning to join us! At least to walked to the Green! That is where all the fun is going to be!

Will there be beer?2021-08-05T11:38:38-04:00

YES!!! W4M 2021 is adding BEER!!! One Family Brewing (responsible for the Gold Star Memorial in Lovettsville) will be available for purchase! Proceeds will be donated to the W4M foundation; which in turn goes to our wonderful charities and the people that do the real work for the WARRIORS that need our help!

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