Sorry folks, if you were planning on getting your flu shots again at W4M 2021, CVS is getting pulled for other patients.  We understand, we will miss them for sure…but we get it.  We STILL have plenty of FUN things to do besides getting poked with a needle.  I know, I know it isn’t really a party without it being a VAX party  – BUT we will do our best!  In the morning we will have Back Street Brews coffee and Baked goodies from Karen Johnston, who operates a bakery in Charles Town.  Go for a nice long walk and then…we still have Magnolia’s at the Mill to feed you when you get back, Moo Thru Ice Cream, One Family Brewing, Iron Clad Distillery, AND we do live in wine country…Sunset Hills is coming back too!  Pick your poison and enjoy the LIVE BANDS ALL DAY LONG!!!  See, don’t you FEEL BETTER already!